Battlefleet Armageddon

Galactic Hubs Season 2 Pioneer Grant

Mercury Forge
3 min readApr 4, 2023


Mercury Forge is proud to announce: Battlefleet Armageddon, a unique auto battler coming to the Alien Worlds ecosystem. The mobile game is set in the deep reaches of space, inside the Alien Worlds universe. Players will take control of a fleet of ships from a wide range of distinct factions and use their unique powers to climb the ladder.

In addition to the core game, we will also launch a community hub to give players and Syndicate members direct voting power over the roadmap of the game via our webpage.

This game is supported by Galactic Hubs, a grants program created in part to bring a new generation of compelling gaming content to the Alien Worlds ecosystem by extending the utility of Alien Worlds NFTs and Trillium.


Players select spaceships and upgrades to create a powerful fleet to compete against other players. The goal of each player is to maximize their win streak and earn in-game currency.

There are 2 forms of currency critical to the game: energy and credits. Players can spend Energy to acquire ships between each round. Credits are the persistent currency that players earn as they win games. Credits allow players to unlock cosmetics, boosts (e.g. revive), ship packs, and upgrade packs. Ship packs are exclusive ships that will only be available to players who purchase the pack. These ships will allow for unique synergies and play styles that give players a special advantage.

Asynchronous gameplay

The game uses the asynchronous multiplayer paradigm which allows a player to battle against opponents around the world without waiting for match-making. This allows us to achieve a highly populated world even during all hours of the day. Imagine never having to queue up for a game.


There will be in-app purchases. We want to build a cash-flow-positive game that can self-fund its own maintenance and expansion. But that doesn’t mean you must spend in order to play, you can be an elite player without paying anything. It is free-to-play, with the ability to unlock packs by earning credits to obtain competitive advantages.

Alien Worlds ecosystem

Players who own Alien Worlds NFTs will be able to unlock some of the most exclusive packs immediately. These packs will have exclusive cosmetics that are unique, indicating the player’s ownership of an Alien Worlds NFT. Players can use the power of their Trilium to gain in-game packs, boosts, and cosmetics.


Community core to modern gaming and decentralization is at the heart of the community. We want to give our players a voice over the roadmap of feature development and game balancing. What does this concretely mean? We’ll create a community hub website to aggregate your input so that vital information and feedback aren’t lost in the infinite scroll of social media. During balancing and tuning, we will listen first to the community before we act.

As we expand our community, we aim to increase our decentralization. We want to create a future where the feature roadmap is handled by the players. Perhaps we will have parallel universes, each run by a different Syndicate. That’s up to you to decide

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