Battlefleet Armageddon — How to Play

Mercury Forge
5 min readMar 6, 2024


Account Setup:

  • The player can log in using an existing account or choose to create a new one by using a new email address and username.
  • Notifications are in place to notify the player when they enter an invalid username,password or email address.
  • After account creation, the player will land on the main menu.

Main Menu:

  • On the main menu the player can find buttons for play, settings, & log out.

Settings :

  • In this panel the player can adjust their sound settings
  • Tap ‘Play’ to open the Loadout menu.
  • New users go through a tutorial on navigating the Loadout menu, buying & rolling ships, and upgrades.

Loadout Menu:


  • The player can use the Home button to return to the main menu.
  • Similarly the player can tap on their username to access the profile panel, where they can purchase and customize Banners, Tags, and Icons with in-game currency (Moon Rocks).
  • Access the Leaderboard from the main menu to view the top 20 players who hold the most Moon Rocks.
  • Players can see their own rank on the leaderboard.
  • Player Stats:
  • The player can view their stats, Equipped ships with their upgrades, Rounds completed, Health, Wins, and Money, which update as they progress in the game.

Roll System:

  • The players will use the Roll button to obtain ships and upgrades, each Roll costs 1$ of in-game currency.

Purchase Ships and Upgrades:

  • The players will have to buy rolled ships that cost 3$, as do upgrades.
  • The players can place a purchased ship in an empty box in the Battle Formation.
  • The game deducts the corresponding amount from your money.

Battle Formation:

  • The players can arrange ships in white boxes; black boxes denote the gap between ships during battles.
  • They will have to arrange three ships in the front and four in the back. The player can rearrange this formation according to their liking.

Opponent Match-Up:

  • After assembling the team the player can click on the battle button.
  • The game will then search for a suitable opponent.
  • When an opponent is found, their details will appear in red text to indicate the match-up.

Combat Phase :

  • While in battle players will be able to see their ships as well as the opponent’s ship in-front of them. During the battle players will have a number of functionality visible for them to use.
  • The players can also tap on their ships to see their stats.

Commander Mode:

  • The player can enable commander mode by tapping the ship icon on the top right bar.
  • The player uses the forward and back buttons shown on the bottom left. This allows the player to explore the battlefield and see the battle played out.
  • Use the ‘HOME’ button to exit the battle, with a deduction of 1 point from your health.

Victory :

  • The player needs to win 10 battles in order to win the game.
  • With each victory the game gets progressively tougher.
  • The player also gets tier upgrades in shops which allows them to gain new ships and upgrades.

Defeat :

  • Upon losing a battle, the player will lose some health.
  • If the player runs out of all their health, the game will be over, and they will have to restart from the beginning.

WAX Cloud (Crypto):

  • Clicking ‘Play’ opens the WAX Cloud (cloud wallet) page in a browser window.
  • Create an account or log in using your existing email id.

Loadout Menu (Crypto):

  • After logging in with a crypto account, the player can access two new panels on the right side of the screen for purchasing Premium Ships and Upgrades using cryptocurrency (WAX).
  • The player can view their available cryptocurrency (WAX) balance in the Premium Ships panel.
  • Use the Roll button to acquire premium ships and upgrades using cryptocurrency (WAX).
  • Ship Rarities: (image below)

Ships have varying rarities.

Regular Ships : These can be accessed normally when you roll using the roll button on the bottom left hand side of the screen.

Premium Ships : If you log in with Cloud Wallet, on the right hand side, you’ll see a new “Roll” menu where you can roll using Wax per roll. Paying for each roll would give you access to “Premium Ships”

Ultra Premium Ships : If you have an Alien Worlds NFT in your wallet, you will automatically have access to Ultra Premium Ships. This is based on the NFT rarity. The rarer the NFT — the better the ship.

Note : if you don’t have an NFT, you can still roll for “premium” ships.